May 18, 2015

Reviving the Neglected Knowledge

A Documentation of Local Knowledge from across Indonesia


UNDK CoverThis book is an outgrowth of a concerted action by members of the University Network for Digital Knowledge (UNDK) across Indonesia for reviving local knowledge viable in their respective regions. The initiative is fully supported by the United Boards for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UBCHEA) through a multi-year project. Chapters in this book feature the research findings of local knowledge projects concurrently conducted in 10 different regions across Indonesia.

This publication is presented in the form of interactive e-book and uploaded into a digital platform, so it is accessible for all UNDK members and readers from other institutions. It is expected that the book can be used as lecture materials for students in universities across Indonesia. The utilization of a digital platform enables resource sharing of local knowledge for teaching and learning. We hope through this platform the promotion of teaching and learning as well as research on local knowledge in Indonesia can be enhanced.

As the endpoint of the overall sequences of UNDK activities (inventory, documentation, analysis, learning material development and dissemination) this interactive e-book is meant to be a vehicle for sharing of local knowledge to a wider audience. It is clear that reacquisition of local knowledge followed by learners’ exposure to the reclaimed knowledge – along the above mentioned sequences – is a significant element of whole person education. In this case, faculty and students as learners will be exposed and studied the traditional and local wisdom within which often lies fine human values and virtues.

The reclaimed and shared local knowledge will surely enhanced the coverage as well as the quality of teaching and learning in universities. In this case, expanded coverage can be regarded as a deliberate introduction of knowledge other than the mainstream. In other words, this project promotes the diversity of knowledge or truth. Consequently, the learners are expected to have a more holistic view about the world. With this broader view, they will naturally be aware of the interconnectedness among academic disciplines, as well as between academic knowledge and real problems faced by the society – including the tensions between traditional knowledge and modernity.

This publication is a contribution to the United Board (UB) commitment to education that develops the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, and ethically. As mentioned previously, this e-book is part of a larger endeavor to reclaim, share and expand the coverage the so called “knowledge” by deliberately introducing the nonmainstream knowledge, i.e. local knowledge. With this expanded knowledge, the learners in higher education institutions will not only have a more holistic view about the world, but also a more courteous attitude toward the local and or traditional knowledge. Accordingly, they will become more ready, willing and considerate in dealing with other members of the society who do not own mainstream knowledge.

Fine values and virtues extracted from the acquired local knowledge can be employed in strengthening the whole person education. Moreover, through this project cooperation between universities across Indonesia has been strengthened. Cooperation focusing on a common objective, i.e. the requisition and reactivation of local knowledge in Indonesia has proven to be viable.

Semarang, May 18 – 2106

B. Widianarko, I. Hantoro & C.T. Murniati


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