Portraying The Toileting Culture of Surabaya People

April 28, 2016

“People Perception and Toilet Design Diversity”

Written by Gunawan Tanuwidjaja ST.MSc. | Meilinda SS. MA. | Erandaru, ST. MSc | Heru Dwi W. MPd. | Obed Bima Wicandra SSn. MA. | Aniendya Christianna S.Sn. | Budi Prasetyadi, SSn. | Stefanny Irawan, SS. MA. | Petra Christian University

PCUThis module is about various toileting cultures of Surabaya people. There are different toileting habits and toilet designs used by Surabaya people. The differences are related to the context of economic, social, and environment of the city. The exploration of different toileting cultures has been used to create materials for healthy toileting campaign.

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