Local Knowledge and Agriculture in Java, Indonesia

April 26, 2016

Written by Dr. Rully Adi Nugroho & co-workers | Satya Wacana Christian University

SWCUThis module is about local agricultural knowledge practiced in rice paddy farming system and on how the knowledge is constructed and disseminated among farmers in Central Java and Jogjakarta. The information and knowledge presented here were obtained from anthropological approach field observations based on semi-structured interviews with ing rice paddy farmers. The local agricultural knowledge has been practice in the different places for generations of farmers. Animals and plants or their parts were used in soil management, pest control, and fertilizers. The inter-generational and peer group transfers of local agricultural knowledge were performed by rice farmers, however the risk of extinction is still faced by these local knowledge. The transfer and acquisition of local knowledge is not necessarily accompanied with its actual practice. Certainly for this reason, this module is developed as a means of local knowledge preservation.

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