Reviving the Children’s Traditional Game “Nyai Puthut” in Malang, East Java

April 22, 2016

Written by Drs. Cornelius Niwadolo, MM | Drs. Ratmoko | Rini Susriyani, SS., M Hum | Widya Karya Catholic University Malang

WKCU2One of the fading traditional arts is children’s traditional games. The loss of children’s traditional games is detrimental to the culture of Malang, as many of those games contain values and skills that are important for children’s development. One of such games is a called Nyai Puthut. The goals of this project are: (1) reintroduction of children’s traditional game “Nyai Puthut” to the people in Malang, (2) inventory of the moral message contained in the Nyai Puthut game, (3) appreciation and implementation of the values embedded in Nyai Puthut game in the daily life, (4) enhancement of artistic skills in the form of gestures and songs for the children, (5) enhancement of social skills, especially for the children and the people in Malang in general, (6) making available a documentation of Malang children’s traditional game “Nyai Puthut”in the form of videos.

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