Preserving Local Knowledge: “Javanese Wedding Ceremony: Food & Layout Aspects”

April 22, 2016

Written by Dr. V. Kristina Ananingsih, MSc. | Soegijapranata Catholic University

SCUThis module presents rich descriptions of stages in Javanese wedding ceremony. In Javanese culture, marriage ceremony is an important milestone of one’s life. It is an essential time to celebrate because it is the unity of two people who have different traits and backgrounds. In this module, readers will learn the marriage rituals from Yogyakarta dan Solo, two Javanese kingdoms which still exist to this day. The marriage traditions in these two palaces are slightly different. Marriage ceremonies have nowadays undergone some changes due to the change in society. Nevertheless, most Javanese people still uphold the Javanese tradition and many want to preserve the culture. Basically, marriage ceremony consists of 3 steps. They are pra-mantu, mantu, and pasca mantu. During those steps, there are many items to prepare such as piranti ̧ sesajen, meals for guests, and many kinds of equipment. Each of them has visceral meanings; one of which is gratefulness and hope or prayer for the bride and the groom to live in harmony and prosperity both in family and society.

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