Traditional Customs and Traditions of Timor Island Depicted in a Drama Performance

April 20, 2016

Written by Peggy Magdalena Jonathans, SPd, MA | Artha Wacana Christian University

AWCUThis module is about an initial stage to digitalize culture and traditions of Timor island with the aims to bring the life complexity encountered by Atoin Meto (or commonly known as Timorese) into the global viewers through a drama depicting one of most pressing issues faced by theTimor island, i.e. ‘the drought’ and how local tradition was made at last to solve the persistent problem of water lacking, ‘the drop of hope’. The drama was performed in three (3) different languages, i.e. English, Kupang Malay creole, and Uab Meto or known as the language of the Timorese.

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